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Caislean Oak Oiled Floor Collection

The Caislean oak engineered collection is a new and unique range of oil waxed floors finished to your personal choice.

We have taken the best of European Oak from managed forests and added it to high quality plywood. This allows us to use less hardwood but gives you a floor that will last just as long as a solid wood floor. This structure is also significantly more stable than its solid counterpoint. It will be better able to withstand changes in temperature and humidity, which might otherwise cause buckling, swelling and other distortions.

Having taken the raw plank you then have a choice. We can sand, brush, distress or artificially age your Oak wood floor. We can then apply the selected Oil finish and even work on one completely unique to you. After all the above we will then complete your floor with a high quality oil seal. Our seal has very low VOC, very high water repellent properties, and offers a protective surface against household stains. Depending on the seal used it is a simple process to refinish your floor.

In three easy steps you can now have the floor of your choice in any of the three widths available 150 – 189 – 240 mm giving you the ability to use different widths of boards in several different areas in your house or commercial location.

Step 1        Choose your board width from 150,189 or 240 mm wide

Step 2       Choose your texture from unfinished to brushed or distressed.

Step 3       Choose the colour you require.


Take the time to look through the main nine colours we are currently using, but if you do not see the finish you require just bring us in a sample of your colour choice and we will match it as close as possible.